My name is Megan. I am a Wellness Coach for Beachbody where I run challenge groups and bring people along on my journey in wellness.  I feel better when I stay healthy and I am always looking for the right way to do it that fits in with my lifestyle.  Beachbody did that for me.  It gives me access to several different workout programs so that I can choose which one I am in the mood for, or have time for each day.  It also allows me to get my workout in on my time and in my home.  This is essential with a toddler, an infant, a dog, a partner, and a full time job.  Beachbody also gave me access to Shakeology which gives me the nutrition I need everyday where I would not normally get it.  I realize I sound like an infomercial but I am very passionate about Beachbody as a whole as I was in a difficult place about a year follow having my first child.  I was lacking in energy, positivity, and focus.  I was also starting to play the victim in the mindset of “why me”.  After starting Beachbody programs and getting healthy again I started to feel better and my whole world turned with me.  I am now happy and healthy and helping my family be happy and healthy as well.

I started this blog in the hopes to help others realize that we are all in this together, and all the little things in life that seem hard or crazy at the time are just that, little things.

I am a working mom with a full time job who is focused on being healthy and happy in order to be the best mom, partner, employee, family member, friend, and person that I can be.