It’s a lifestyle change, they say.  It’s not a diet, it’s a way of life.  You aren’t doing this for a 3 week challenge group, you are doing this to change your lifestyle. You know how people keep telling you that “it’s a lifestyle change” and you are like yea I know, but I don’t … More AM I GOING TO DIE WISHING I WOULD HAVE JUST EATEN THE CHEESECAKE?


I am not generally one to write in the now.  I usually take something that is on my mind or was, and reflect back on it in writing.  I try to open my mind and express my opinions and thoughts rationally when I write back on them. Today is different.  Today I am a hot … More HOT MESS

My Baby Bump

Congratulated on being pregnant with another baby!  I mean, not to my face.  “Hey Bro, Congrats!  I see you guys are having another one!”  Someone says to Cory.  Cory’s facial expression must have been worth a thousand words as he stared dumbfounded.  “Huh?” “Yea, Meg must be pregnant again. I just saw her.  I swear … More My Baby Bump


Some of you read the title and said “Yup, not reading this!”, and some of you have NO clue what I am even talking about.  Some people hear the term Multilevel Marketing and they immediately go on the defensive.  Those of you who read my blog know that I tend to write when I am … More MLM

What’s UP DOG?

Four weeks ago I never would have willingly dedicated my precious workout time every morning to YOGA!  I mean come on.  I am a busy mom and I love my “me” time.  I mean I wake up at 4:30 just to make sure I get my “me” time in!  So why would I sacrifice that … More What’s UP DOG?