My Life, My Health, My Choice

My first post, and my way of saying that health and wellness are not just working out at the gym and fitting into a size 2 if your a woman or being able to wear a tank top as a man and actually look good in it.  Health and wellness is being your best you mentally and physically, and putting your best self back out to the world.

As a mom sometimes it is really hard to be your best you without feeling like you are sacrificing something else along the way, or without feeling like you have to choose between being your best self or being the best mom.  I am here to tell you they are one in the same.

I had my first child 3 years ago and my second 1 month ago.  When I was pregnant with my first child there were so many questions that were asked of me, as with many first time moms.  People wanted to know if I would use cloth diapers or disposable, breast feed or use formula, give birth natural or use drugs.  My first thoughts with regards to these questions . . . how are any of these aspects of my personal life any of your business, and why are you asking me this?  I wanted to response with questions like do you use pads or tampons, do you wear a bra or just let them hang out, when you get the diarrhea do you just let it play out or do you take something?  I chose not to respond that way because my mother raised me better than that.

It is your life, and you do the best you can with what you have.  You make the choices that are right for you.  I chose to use disposable diapers because it was easier for me personally.  When it comes to this question ask yourself will my choice affect me morally, will it affect me financially, will it affect my daycare choices, etc.  When you have answers to those questions do what is right for you.

How will you know if you want to breast feed or formula feed?  Why are people asking this question before you have the baby.  You won’t know until after that baby is out of your stomach and hungry.  Maybe you can’t produce milk, maybe nursing hurts so bad it’s unbearable, maybe you chose formula but your baby can’t digest it, maybe you don’t have formula available at the time and your baby is hungry.  For me, I pumped and fed my first born breast milk from a bottle for 6 months.  I chose to stop due to obligations in my personal life at 6 months.  With my second born I chose to switch to formula after 1 month.  This is what was right for me at the time.  If I have to chose between feeding my child breast milk or being the best mom I can to both of my children, getting enough sleep to be present in my day to day life, and reducing the amount of stress due to time commitment and supply and demand . . . I will always choose the second option.  This is what was right for me at the time.

When it comes to whether or not you use drugs during labor, make the choice at the time .  Do what you need to in order for everyone to be healthy at the end of that labor.

I address these specific life choices as a mom or soon to be mom because these are the questions that stress people out causing an unhealthly mind and possibly cause people to be physically unhealthy as well.  Don’t let the opinions of others stress you out.  Choose what’s right for you and then own it.


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