Choices . . .

Our lives are a series of choices.  Good, Bad, or Ugly they are yours, OWN THEM!

Things have changed more than I could have ever imagined since I was a kid, even since I was a teenager, and even since about a year ago.  When I was a kid I never worried about anything.  I didn’t know if we were rich or poor and it wasn’t something I ever had to think about.  I don’t think I was spoiled, but I didn’t want for anything.  I am now a grown woman with a good job, a family, an education, and good heart.  I believe that my parents made good choices when raising me.

The world was a different place when I was a kid.  I rode my bike by myself all the way across town to a friends house and called my parents from the landline when I got there.  I played outside, I tried every different sport I could, I had more hot wheels cars than video games, and it was a complete shock to the country if there was a tragedy somewhere.  When I would visit my grandparents we would stop and my grandmother would hand a 20 dollar bill to the homeless who were on the corners with signs.  When I was a kid marriage was common and a wedding was what happened when two people knew they wanted to be together for the rest of their lives.  Fast forward to today and it’s absurd to let your children play outside in your own yard unless you are out there with them, a landline is a scarce find, and most 8 year olds travel with a cell phone in their pocket or in front of their face.  Sports today are all year round and children are expected to be all stars in their one specific sport from age 5, so how can a parent possibly let their child play other sports and not fall behind in their “main” sport.  Video games are considered a necessity and hot wheels toys are considered junk and clutter.  Tragedy is a word used all too often and is plastered all over the news on a daily basis.  There are two kinds of homeless in todays world, those who are actually in need of assistance and willing to work for it, and those who chose a lifestyle and feel entitled to things they are not willing to work for.  There are so many people willing to scam others and prey on their kindness that people are afraid to be kind.  Giving a homeless person a $20 bill is outrageous in most people’s mind in today’s world.  Lastly, marriage is scarce and weddings are booming.  So many people today want a wedding, but don’t care as much about having a marriage.  Weddings are full blown, and judged by their cost, and generally followed by a marriage that lasts less time than it took to plan the wedding.

What does this have to do with choices??  These are other peoples choices that are in turn affecting my life, and yours in one way or another.  I will choose not to let it.

I will raise my children to love fresh air and the outdoors, to know how to defend themselves in situations they may find themselves in.  I will raise my children to see what’s in front of them without putting a phone in front of their face to see what others are doing instead.  Video games will be a luxury, and toys that spark their own imaginations will be a necessity.  While I would love for my children to be hockey players and excel in the sport right off the bat, I will allow them to make their own choices and try different things.  I will teach them what I know so that they have options.  Tragedy will be something they understand because I can’t shelter them from the rest of the world, but kindness will be something they experience, and see from me.  Kindness will be taught to them as something that can be used to counter a tragedy.  Lastly, family and love will be something that they experience everyday.  They will know that marriage has nothing to do with a ceremony, jewelry, or a piece of paper.  Marriage is something that you work for, it’s something that comes naturally no matter how much money you have, no matter what other people tell you, and no matter how many people around them tell them otherwise.  Marriage just happens when you love someone enough to want to start a family, accept their flaws, and embrace your differences as something that makes each of you better.  Family is something they will never long for, and they will learn how to love from.  They will also understand that family has nothing to do with blood!

I will choose to raise my children to make good choices.  But first I need to make good choices, and I need to choose to be a good parent before anything else.  Priorities are choices.  Mine are clear to me, my first responsibility is to my children as they are here and belong to me based on choices that I made.  My second responsibility is to myself.  I will always make sure that I am making the right choices to be happy and healthy.  Following that my responsibility is to be a good partner.  I have made a choice to start a family with someone, and spend the rest of my life with this person.  They are my priority.  Family comes first.  My priorities from there include my family, however extended that may be, my work, and extending kindness to the rest of humanity in any way that I can.

Have you thought about your choices lately?  Are you happy with them?  Are you letting other people make choices for you?  It’s all up to you!





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