3 Day Detox for the Body

I have been getting a lot of questions about my experience with the 3 Day Refresh, which essentially a three day program to help you detox your body.  Most people seem to be afraid of it because they aren’t sure that they will be able to do it.  So I thought I would share my experience:


Chocolate fudge brownies with vanilla bean ice cream, cheese cake, Chocolate Chip Cookies, really any kind of cookies . . . ever since I can remember I have had a major sweet tooth (thanks dad!).  As I got older, I got educated on health and wellness, and started to get back in shape.  Even then I couldn’t kill that sweet tooth.  I even started a family with someone who doesn’t eat sweets and still I was making cookies every night after dinner just for me!  I would make enough for dessert that night and to bring to work the next day!

I was introduced to these nutrient dense health food shakes called Shakeology by a former personal training co-worker of mine and after a week of one shake a day my sweet tooth was already fading.  It’s amazing what good nutrition can do for your body!  Even though these shakes were helping with my sweet tooth, I had always wanted to do a detox on my body since I had been a cookie monster for so many years.  I never thought I could actually do it though.  After having my second baby and wanting to really get myself back in to shape, wanting to have more energy to spend on my kids, feel good on little to no sleep, and raise my kids in a healthy environment as well, I found a detox that was only 3 days.  I did my research and thought YUP, I GOT THIS!

Different people want different things out of a body detox program.  Some are looking to lose pounds, some are looking to lose inches, some are kick starting a healthy lifestyle change.  I was looking to FEEL healthier.


I did the 3 Day Refresh a couple weeks ago.  I started on a Monday and went through a Wednesday. I made sure that I had the fruits and vegetables and other foods in the house that I needed and knew I would eat.   That is key.  Don’t fill the house with healthy “suggested” foods that you know you don’t like, but think you can force yourself to eat.  I felt great throughout the whole 3 days.  I did not get headaches but I did still drink my cup of coffee in the morning.  I also was not just sitting in the bathroom for three days, which many people have asked because they think that’s what it does.

What didn’t go as planned? Everything!

What was supposed to be my normal three days of the work week turned in to not sleeping Sunday night into Monday because of sick kids, having to stay home from work Monday, increased stress Monday due to scheduling issues with the doctor’s office and having to go there multiple times, trying to make sure items were taken care of at work that were needed for the next day’s 7am event, not sleeping Monday night in to Tuesday, having to host a business event Tuesday morning starting at 7am, then working a little longer to catch up, then being home from work Wednesday caring for a very sick baby and trying to extensively clean my house as we were supposed to have company coming that Friday.  I ended up having to make an unexpected trip to the emergency room at 8pm Wednesday night after cleaning all day, not showering since Tuesday morning, and not eating dinner yet.  We were admitted for an overnight in the hospital and got to our room about 1am.  I did not sleep at all Wednesday night into Thursday. 
While I am sure I would have gotten even more out of the 3 Day Refresh if I had slept and been able to exercise regularly; I had no issues sticking to it, I was not hungry at all, and I actually felt as though I had more energy and stamina to handle everything that was thrown at me because I was fueling my body with such good nutrients. 
This was the experience that I had, and I would recommend it, and I would do it again.  I hope this helps for those who have been wondering and looking for a quick start to some healthier choices.

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