Things that make me happy …I used to be so concerned about the things that drove me crazy.  I would get worked up just thinking about them and then they would just eat at me. I wanted to understand all the why’s of these things and the people behind them.  I finally asked myself WHY do you care so much, WHY are you letting these negative thoughts ruin your days, WHY are you wasting your time and your energy, and I was right.  Now I focus on what makes me happy.  If I happen to overlap with someone doing something that drives me crazy, I choose to take that energy they are putting out, what used to be the energy I would use being annoyed, and I choose to turn it into a positive.  I use that energy to focus on what makes me happy.

The things that make me happy won’t be the same as what makes you happy, and that’s okay.  Our differences make us interesting, and having all kinds of happy is what makes the world go round.  Hopefully there are so many things that make you happy that you couldn’t possibly count them all.  But can you determine your top six?  Do you know what things you can turn to right away no questions asked in order to change your mood, your mindset, your attitude?  We should all know our top six so we know where to turn.  With six happy places we can go at the turn of a hat we aren’t overwhelmed with determining what or who we should turn to, or trying to pick between too many options thus causing a new dilemma; and we are not constantly turning to the same who or what to brighten our spirits.

When you realize your top six always remember, this is YOUR happy.  This isn’t what someone else thinks your happy should be, nor is this what someone else wants to be your happy.  It’s okay for someone to be in your top six and for you not to be in theirs.  There is not one thing wrong with that, and it doesn’t change your relationship at all.  It simply means that you are in different places in your lives and while you need certain things from each other one person may depend on that need more than the other.  Your top six is simply the things/people right now that make you endlessly joyful.  Your top six can change.  They should change as you change.  Nothing in life is set in stone.  You make choices based on what you need at the time.  So what are your six?

My top six fall in no particular order because when it comes to things that make you the happiest it’s always a win-win-win.  There is no first, second, or third place.


My 3 year old and my 3 month old make me feel complete joy and both in different ways.  When my little girl (3 months old) looks up at me and smiles, and giggles out loud I am endlessly joyful.  When my son (3 years old) tells me that we are a team or offers to share his toys with me, my heart bursts.  I know that at anytime, no matter what, I can always find joy in my

  • My dog, family dogs, who am I kidding ANY DOGS!

    I love animals, but dogs in particular.  I see a dog and I am automatically smiling.  My dog obviously makes me the happiest as we have some kind of weird and incredible connection.  She knows when I need her and comes to my aide right away.  She is amazing with my kids, and she brings joy to the everyone with her playful, sweet, and curious demeanor. roz


    Family is something I feel like I have endless amounts of, and that makes be feel endlessly thankful and lucky.  I have the family that I was born into, and I was lucky enough to have parents who later in life discovered their happy and ended up giving me more family and therefore more happy.  Not only has my family grown through marriages of others, but I found someone to spend the rest of my life with and I get to keep his family as well!  Just the thought of this makes my glow with pride!  Obviously the family that I have in my own home, the family that I got to create, the family that came to be because two people took one look at each other the first time they met and knew they would always be together.  Five and a half years later there’s an adopted dog, a son, and a daughter, oh and let’s not forget Mr. Stephen the fish.  This makes me happy.e-img_0706


    Is this sad?  Probably a little, but what coffee says to me is that it’s morning again.  I’m here another day.  It’s my routine way of starting my day.  Having my coffee in the morning always makes me happy.img_31111


    Doesn’t matter what kind or how, this makes me happy.  It makes me proud of myself, and makes me feel good.  It makes me feel as though I am setting a good example and bettering my life at the same time.img_31931


    I make me happy, and I think that’s important.  It’s important to not only love yourself, but to make sure that your choices, your values, your priorities make you happy.  So while it might sound strange or conceded to some, I make me happy, and I wish the same to everyone else.


Choose the energy you want to put into the world, and know where you can turn if you need to regroup.  Happiness is priceless, and positivity is beautiful!  Find your happy and live it.




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