I’m Sorry, What?

Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from chiming in.  It’s not often that I can’t talk myself out of it, but every once in a while I feel like it means something and I should say something.

I happen to hear & see people adding their two cents about the Super Bowl Halftime Show.  We are all human, of course we are all still talking about the Super Bowl, and while this topic too shall pass, let’s not allow it to create a stigma.  Unfortunately, rather than I liked this part, I didn’t like that part, holy cow they suspended a woman from the roof of the stadium, people are talking about the performers “flabby” stomach.  HUH!?!  Flabby?  Was I on the wrong channel?  Were they still watching the game and one of the offensive linemen’s shirts came up during a play (no offense to those guys, just making a point here).

There are multiple reasons this gets under my skin.  First, this thought, opinion, stigma, expectation is what causes other people (those who live in the real world) to quit working toward their goals.  My stomach will never be flat, I will never be able to see a six pack, people will call me fat no matter what, what’s the point in trying if I can’t have big boobs, a flat stomach, and a tiny little curve on my hips, if I can’t look like Barbie I’m out.  These are the unrealistic expectations people get in their head and then give up.  Unfortunately in today’s world it’s just not that easy to block out what others expect, see, think, etc. and apparently what matters to these random people is how skinny someone is.  To those people I say this, first off I will buy you a blow up doll and you can put half the amount of air in it and see how sad and droopy it looks.  Second, I’m not sure what you are looking for but if you have the audacity to publicly shame someone for having what you consider “a flabby gut”, please let’s see yours that you must be comparing it to.

That leads me into the second reason my skin crawls when I hear this.  Let’s look at this from another perspective.  Damn I wish I had this woman’s stamina!  She starts out a performance in front of . . . umm the entire world (hello adrenaline) . . . by being lowered from the stadium roof (hello more adrenaline, and fear, and umm armpit sweat)!  She then continues to dance (and I mean really dance, not this shopping cart, Carlton, Q-tip stuff that most of us do when going out), climb stairs, run, and jump, all while singing (beautifully might I add).  On top of all of that she is doing this with the world watching in real time, while she is wearing an outfit that’s likely so tight she can barely breathe because well, it’s that or a potentially wardrobe malfunction where something pops out that shouldn’t (this would include the shorts she changes into as you can imagine how tight those would need to be to keep any persons butt cheeks in while dancing full out) and the outfit likely also weighs a ton.  Also she is in stiletto high heel boots!


She danced and sang for 8 straight minutes and then continued to play the piano and sing with just the piano and her voice!  How was she even breathing at that point.  She ended by  jumping off the stage, no a staircase on a stage and caught a rhinestone studded football, all in those high heel boots.  Hello fitness goals!  Athleticism, stamina, coordination, guts all after over 13 straight minutes of a full out workout!


So here’s what I am saying, we can all bend over and create “stomach rolls”, we all look different healthy.  The key there is healthy.  This woman is STRONG in every sense of the word.  At certain times you could see her six pack, and other times (while she was dancing) she had the same stomach rolls as you and I  . . . and even American’s fitness queen as seen in the photo.


Unfortunately people who sadly having nothing better to do with their time try to direct the negative energy they have for themselves at someone else, and in turn make the rest of the world see flaws that don’t exist.

Be strong. Be focused.  Be positive.  Attract positive.

In this performers very own words . . . You’ve got a hundred million reasons (excuses) to walk away,  but baby you just need one good one to stay.  Be the good one!  Know why you want something and go get it.


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