Coming out Swinging

I’m coming out of the closet!  I’m coming out of the closet and I’m coming out swinging!  I’m coming out of theswinging closet and shouting it loud and proud.  I’m coming out of the closet and I am so excited about it.

I went to school and got my degree in Health and Wellness.  My focus was Exercise Science.  I was a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, I interned as an Anytime Fitness club manager, and I always DREAMED of having my own studio, my own “gym”, my own space where I helped people get healthy.  I wanted to be Jillian Michaels.  I know how much better I feel, how much happier I am, how much more energy I have, how much easier life is, and how much more positivity I put into the world when I am healthy.  I want nothing more than to help other people feel the same way.  This is what I have always wanted, and this is where my passion is.  This is the one thing I will always have to give.

I feel lucky enough to say that my dream is finally in it’s beginning stages!  I finally have my own business.  I am able to help people get healthy.  I have all the tools to work with different people and help them take the first steps to getting healthy, take the continuous steps to remain healthy, or take the stairs to push themselves to the next step in their journey.  In order to start my dream out right where I am, I have all the tools to do this from home.  I am able to help people virtually, at their convenience, on their time, on OUR time.

So why have I been “closet coaching“?  Here’s the thing, so many people have this stigma of a Health and Wellness Coach that works for Beachbody.  For those who don’t know Beachbody is a Wellness company set up to create healthy people and to encourage entrepreneurs to start up their own business by helping others get healthy and fighting obesity.  Have I lost you?  Stay with me it gets interesting. . .  This means that when you order a workout program, a nutrition tool; be it shakes, supplements, boosts, etc., or when you order gear from Beachbody your coach makes commission.  Is that why we work with you?  NO!  If that were the only reason we were working with you we would go into sales where we sell to you and then we are done.  We aren’t done!  You now have an accountability partner, personal trainer, wellness resource, a FRIEND; yup that’s me!  When you decide to become a coach whether that’s because you are so inspired by what you were able to do with the programs and all the weight you lost (similar to the biggest loser contestants that become trainers) or if it’s because you had a dream, like me, of owning a club and helping people change their lives, you are signing up under another coach.  Some people call this a “pyramid”, we call this a TEAM.  Essentially what ends up happening is you gain a network of people from all over the world who do different things in their health and wellness businesses but have the same goals and values as you.  Some of the people in your network own their own club, some are stay at home parents, some are personal trainers, and some are business men and women working in offices and helping people in their spare time.  Some live in Canada, some live on the West Coast and some on the East, and some up in Northern Minnesota braving the weather and trying to find ways to help people stay active in the freezing cold winters.  So while people who don’t understand look and say “that’s a pyramid”, we are creating a network, and sharing ideas between those who have been in the business for decades and those who just walked in.  Unfortunately the stigma people assign to our business makes it hard to do what we love, because it’s immediately assumed that there’s an agenda.  So I ask you these questions:

  • Your hair stylist works on commission.  When you get your hair cut, colored, weaved, etc. your stylist makes money.  Do you judge this person for the way their business works or do you LOVE this person because they made you look FABULOUS!?
  • Your boss hired you to work under them . . . not necessarily the same as working WITH them like we do when we coach, but let’s go with it . . . are you not grateful for the opportunity?  Do you make assumptions about your bosses agenda?
  • Your real estate agent works on commission.  She got you the house you wanted for a great price, she sold your house in 3 days after you tried on your own for 9 months with no luck.  Are you thankful or are you questioning her motives?
  • Lastly, your personal trainer gets paid when you buy sessions.  Sessions where you work with them one on one and they give you an hour work out while monitoring your form.  You likely pay them a minimum of $30 per session.  You have chosen to pay this person $30 for a one hour workout.  You sought them out and look to them for help.  Often times your personal trainer is not a nutritionist and therefore does not come with nutrition advice or resources.  By being a health and wellness coach I am able to provide people with hundreds of workout programs ranging in ability and outcome.  I am able to offer some of the best nutrition resources, a way of getting all your nutrients in for the day in one meal, an entire network of resources for all things health and wellness, challenge groups, support, coaching, and the chance to win money and prizes for getting healthy.  The only cost is for the products.  I guess when I step back and look at it I don’t see where I am doing anything wrong for living my dream and helping people be healthier.  Why am I different from these other people?  Why are you buying bags and leggings from people who only get paid when you buy something and not thinking anything of it, but questioning why I want to work with you when I want ask you to join a walking group, or a support group where people help each other stay accountable for being healthy and making good choices, when I offer you a grocery list and complete meal plan to stick to for 3 weeks because I am constantly hearing that you want to change but you don’t know how or where to start.

There are so many people who take on the excitement of working for themselves with the goal of helping others, and for some reason they are met with negative attitudes, harsh looks, and rude remarks.  The people they were most excited to share their news with are the same people that come back unsupportive either telling them that’s not realistic, or that’s a scam, or simply avoiding any talk of their new business at all changing the subject or responding with silence when it comes up.  This can be so discouraging when you are so excited about an opportunity you have been waiting for.

So after feeling like this.  After receiving those looks, those comments, that attitude from many people about my new adventure and hiding in the shadows avoiding the discussion of actually being a coach and the fact that yea, doing something I love allows me to make money as well, because of a fear that someone would think I was just selling them something.  After spending a year hiding in the closet trying to figure out how to own my own business without really telling anyone for fear of rejection, I’M COMING OUT with a whole new outlook and a whole new attitude.

img_37891I am a health and wellness coach.  I LOVE working with people, and I enjoy helping people reach their goals because I know how great it feels.  I have always wanted to own my own business and I am now on that track.  I have every tool I need to work with anyone and everyone.  I am so excited about my business and I can’t wait to really get started.  I would love to talk with you about your goals.  I don’t care if you decide to buy something, work with me, or just need someone to chat with, please reach out.  I would love to see if I can help.   img_35441

Realizing that it’s okay to do what you love, and how exciting that can be, and how much SUPPORT really means when you decide to take that risk, and unfortunately how rare that support can be, I also decided that I would be there for others when they decided to do what they love.  I would be their support.  So allow me to give some love to all those people in my life that have taken the leap to own their own business and in doing so have inspired me to do the same.

  • Vehicle Services: My step dad Tim has owned his own auto shop forever.  He is the most trusting mechanic you could ever meet.
  • Twin Ports Paper: My uncle Paul owns his own business.  He took the risk many years ago and is now a very wise business man and humble as ever.
  • Aspire Chiropractic: My cousin Lindsey opened her own chiropractic clinic and this woman is a genius with her hands.  She has adjusted my our whole family at one time or another and never hesitates to explain things in ways that you can understand.
  • P&M Quality & Big Lake Construction: Cory’s dad and brother both own their own businesses.  His dad in construction, and I feel like he knows everything and can fix anything.  His brother in, well everything.  His brother does everything he can dream up.
  • South Paw Grooming Salon: My friend Nick opened up his own grooming shop and he is the best there is.  He genuinely cares about the dogs and is not afraid to work his ass off for what he wants.
  • Hair By McKenzie: My amazing hairstylist and friend McKenzie decided to venture out on her own in the stylist world and she is absolutely killing it.  She works miracles every time I see her.
  • LulaRoe Renee Carlson: One of my coworkers Renee recently took on the LulaRoe business and let me tell you she has changed our office from drab to FAB in a matter of weeks.
  • Aleah Schwartz Photography: My friend Aleah decided a few years back to start getting more into photography.  I am so proud of how far she has come and always proud to show off her work!
  • Tracy Jean Photography: Another friend of mine who started her own photography business and has made a ton of headway in just a couple years.

If I missed anyone please know that you inspire me everyday, and GOOD FOR YOU for pursuing what you love.

If we all did more of what we loved we would enjoy life more, be better and more interested in everything we do, and make everyday more positive for ourselves and everyone around us!  So step out of the closet with me and enjoy everything that life has to offer, and enjoy it to your fullest potential.



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