2 Truths & A Lie in 21 Days


Truth: I used to eat whatever I wanted and consider myself “healthy” because I worked out a lot, stayed active, and have always been relatively the same weight.

Truth: While I appeared to be “in shape”, I was not healthy

LIE: You can eat whatever you want as long as you work out and don’t gain weight and you will still be healthy

Since doing a 3 day detox & starting the 21 day fix I have seen the light! Or the dark depending on how you look at it.

  • I can now taste the sugar in my food
  • I can now feel my body slow down when I eat crap
  • I can now feel my energy levels increase when I eat healthy
  • I can now see a difference in my skin, in my pores depending on what I eatIMG_4554[1]
  • My muscles are now forming much faster
  • I can now feel the difference in my mood
  • I can now function better on less sleep
  • And the list goes on . . .


Truth:  I got halfway through the 21 day fix and life showed up.  I got lazy when it came to dinner and ate what was easy and what was there.  One little thing at a time while I told myself, meh it’s one thing, meh it’s one meal, meh it’s one day . . . .

Truth:  On Sunday night at the end of week 2 I decided I was going to eat pizza because I was hungry, it was quick, it was there, and it sounded good.  It was Chicken Alfredo pizza and it was a decent size pizza with ultra-thin crust.  Turns out I was the only one who wanted this pizza so being my busy self I started eating while I was doing a million other things.  The next thing I knew, I HAD EATEN THE ENTIRE PIZZA!


LIE:  It’s okay that I ate the whole Pizza because I didn’t have a big lunch, and I am a busy mom running around the house all day and running errands.  So I probably burned it off anyways.

This is a lie that I hope no one believes as they are telling it to themselves after eating an entire pizza, scarfing down taco johns on the way home after a late night, eating all the French fries from their own meal, and their kids meal because their kids shouldn’t eat those. . .

*** Side note, come on mom’s there isn’t one of us who has not pulled that stunt before!  My kids shouldn’t eat this so I will eat it off their plate.  So many things wrong with that thought that I would need a whole new blog post just to get in to it!!

Back to my binge pizza eating fiasco . . .

I thought to myself, I must have a freaking tapeworm.  I just ate an entire pizza and didn’t think twice.  Didn’t think at all.  And I haven’t puked yet!

Needless to say it took about 20 minutes before I felt like pure garbage.  My skin felt greasy, my stomach felt like it was sticking straight out, I felt run down, with no energy, no spunk, and no ambition to do a damn thing about it.  I thought well I am not working out tonight because I will barf.  I am not even going to attempt to drink a shake because I will just waste it because I am too full.

I really don’t think I would have noticed before.  I would have thought “Hmm must have been hungry, I ate the whole thing.  I wonder if we have ice cream?”  Speaking of ice cream, this  whole thing is even worse because not an hour earlier I walked past the ice cream at the grocery store, stopped and grabbed my favorite skinny cow ice cream treat, held it for a minute, and then said you don’t need that put it back.  All to go home and polish off a whole pizza. 😦

I told myself that night that I was done.  No I don’t mean that I will never eat pizza again , and I don’t mean I will never eat anything unhealthy again.  I mean that I will be conscious about what I am eating.  I will eat mostly good food and treats will be, well treats!



Because I am lucky enough that eating crap doesn’t immediately add more junk to my trunk, I NEVER thought I would need the 21 day fix.  I never thought I would benefit from the 21 day fix, and I never thought I would see change from the 21 day fix.  I always knew it was a great program that got people results.  I would have recommended it to just about anyone struggling with their weight, but who knew I needed it more than anyone!


Something I have always told my employees, my teammates, my players, etc.  I will never ask you to do something I would not do myself.  I had to prove it on this one, and I am happy that I did.  I feel like I have taken another step toward a better me.

  • Truth: I am happy with how this has challenged me
  • Truth: I believe I needed this wake up call
  • Lie: I think that only people looking to lose weight can benefit.

We can all benefit from being healthy!



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