I Am Growing Because I Left & I Quit!

I am growing! Yes, I sound like a little kid, but I don’t mean this in the sense that I am getting bigger.  I am growing as a person!  I am growing as a mom.  I am growing as a business owner.  I am growing as a human being.  I am growing because I left my comfort zone and I quit doing things that were not productive!  What do I mean by that?  Did you watch the news today?  How did it make you feel?  Are you chipper and feeling bubbly?  Are you excited about the rest of your day?  Was it uplifting?  Was it worth the hour you spent watching it? . . . Did you let someone get under your skin today?  Did you have a conversation that didn’t go the way you wanted?  Did you replay it in your head six times afterwards thinking about what you should have said or what an ass they are?  Are you telling someone else  about it now?  Are you feeling positive?  This is exactly what I mean!

Let me explain further.  You know by now that I am a wellness coach, a trainer, a virtual workout buddy, a support system, a motivator. . . whatever you want to call it.  I am not writing this to sell you on my product or my business.  I am writing this to share my story in the hopes that you will go after whatever it is you love, whatever it is you are interested in, and whatever it is you are dreaming about.  But I will tell you now it takes work.  Work in the sense of sweat, sacrifice, and the ability to look yourself in the mirror and say “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH . . . . YET!”


I went to school for exercise science because it fascinated me and kept my interest, which was hard to do in school.  I continued because I enjoyed being active.  I stayed in the field because I got to spend time with all kinds of different people with different goals but the same purpose.  I stayed because being active releases endorphins and that meant that my job was surrounded by people on the equivalent of happy drugs, and I liked being around happy people. These people were willing to put their goals in my hands and let me show them how to get there.  I couldn’t believe that these people were willing to let me be a part of their story.  Little did I know in the midst of all of this I would change dramatically as well, and end up coaching myself into a better me!

In the past three months I have grown more than I have in the last three years!  I did not do this on my own.  I did this with the support of so many people.  I have mentors and friends that have educated me and guided me in the right direction to make these changes.  I have family who has helped me by caring for my kids, allowing me to stay up all night working, not making me sleep on the couch when my alarm goes off at 4:30a every morning.  I also have you.  You are supporting me by just listening to my story.

Here’s how I started growing!

STOP IT!  I am growing because I quit!

In the past three months I have stopped wearing make-up.  Not because I am against it, simply because I don’t have time.  Simply because I think my skin should speak for itself, and because if the men I see every day don’t have to put it on why do I?  I realized shortly after this that I was never wearing it for me. I was wearing it because I thought I looked better to anyone else who saw me.


I stopped watching the news.  Are the things happening in the world important?  Of course!  However, in today’s world media coverage has a strong focus on the negative.  They tend to show all the bad things that are happening everywhere and over exaggerate them to a point that people forget there are good things happening everywhere if we just look.  So I cut out the news.  I catch the weather so I can prepare for the day and choose to turn off the rest.  Surround yourself with positive and that becomes your world.

I have stopped watching about 75% of the TV that I used to.  I still catch a show here or there.  Chicago Fire is one I like to watch each week if I can, but other than that I don’t watch much.  I thought I would miss it more.  I don’t.

I stopped worrying about things I can’t control, mainly people.  I used to let things get to me.  Mostly it was people.  I have learned that I cannot control other people’s emotions or their actions, but I can control how I respond to it.  I choose not to get sucked in.  I am choosing to refuse the negative and accept the positive.

I am still stopping the excessive cleaning.  One of the hardest things for me to let go is feeling like I need to get everything done around the house and I need to do it now.  I reluctantly let the dishes sit on days that I don’t have time to wash them.  Sometimes I live out of the laundry basket that has replaced my dresser.  My floor is not something I would willingly eat off, and my bathroom (I live with 3 boys) is almost never clean (to my standards).  Does it drive me crazy somedays . . .most days? Yes!  But I am dealing with it and using my time elsewhere.

START HERE!  I continue to grow because I started getting out of my comfort zone.

In the past three months I have started listening to audio books in the car, at my desk, and while doing house work.  This is something that has opened my eyes to so many things that seem like common sense, but that you wouldn’t think of unless someone said it to you.  I have gained so much from this small change of turning mindless chores into something mindful.


I started eating right.  I was not the worst eater ever, but I was a FAR cry from the best.  I would eat some healthy things throughout the day, but I loved my sweets.  I was too lazy to eat fruits and vegetables, and when I told myself I was going to eat healthier I just ended up not eating enough because I would cut out the junk and not replace it with anything.  I did a 3 day detox to start my process and then did a 21 day program focused on eating the right amount of the right foods.  This was an eye opener that really showed me what I was NOT getting, and needed.  This has led me to think about what is going in my body, and has changed the way my body feels from the food I am eating.


I started talking to people.  I am no longer afraid of people.  That sounds funny I know.  I used to hesitate to start conversations with people.  I used to think, what if I don’t like them, what if they are annoying, what if they won’t stop talking to me and contact me all the time.  The decision to run my own business has steered me straight in to that fear.  I couldn’t be happier that it did.  I have talked to so many people that I hadn’t in the past, and new people that I would have never known.  I get to know new people every day and learn pieces of their story.  You attract what you portray!  For that reason the way I thought before was just attracting the wrong people which caused a ripple effect for me.  Now I am able to attract people like me.  People who are positive, outgoing, friendly, and ambitious.  Did I just toot my own horn?  Your damn right.  I’m fun.  Or at least I am now.

I started being part of a team and embracing it!  I have always been able to work in teams, but have never been part of a team the way I am now.  I get to work with a group of truly genuine people that build me in to a better person every day.  They share stories, experiences, struggles, and wins in order to help others.




I am happy.  Really happy.  I used to feel like I needed to work at it to be happy.  Now I feel like I would have to work to feel anything else.

I am able to stay positive.  Life has thrown many things my way, and I have been able to remain positive throughout it all.  We have had several urgent care, emergency room, and hospital visits between two kids in the last three months and I don’t think I had any major breakdowns.  I was able to be the parent my kids needed at that time and help them get through what can seem so scary to someone so small.

I am able to focus on my family.  Where I would have spent my weekends trying to clean up the house, maybe working on work that could wait until Monday, or trying to run errands, I now very purposefully try to plan someone special with my kids.  There has to be at least one thing that is exciting and special  that I do with my kids.  Easton and I have started running 5k’s, we go down by the lake and he gets to ride his bike, his cousin comes over for the day, we make Banana Bread with great grandma.  I have been a better parent in the last month than I think I was over the last year.



Find your party, find your people, live with a purpose, act with a purpose, never stop growing.  I am a different person than I was a year ago and a better person than I was 6 months ago, and I will continue to grow on purpose!  Never be afraid to work for what you want.  Do better, be better!


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