It’s time to have the PYRAMID talk.

That’s right I said it, the pyramid talk.  The, what you do is a pyramid thing, talk.  The talk that every person in this type of marketing wants to avoid because it “scares” people away.  The talk where anyone in this type of business has their shield raised and their defense system goes into full blown fight or flight.  The talk I have been waiting to have because I enjoy defying the norm.  I enjoy taking on what others are afraid of.  I accept a challenge, and I always want to prepare with knowledge versus ignorance.


So here goes.  Since starting this beautiful business of mine where I get to LOVE what I do and feel like I am doing some good in this world…  Since starting this fantastic thing where I get to be part of the fight against Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in this country (FYI there are over 266 million people in North America alone that are considered overweight or obese and approximately $250 billion a year spent on Type 2 Diabetes, which is 9 times out of 10 a preventable disease)…  Since starting this bitchin new job (that’s right I said bitchin) that not only makes me happy but brings health and fitness closer to the people I love, therefore making them more likely to make healthy choices, but also allows me to make these choices easier for those people…  Since starting my health and wellness business I have constantly been met with the “so it’s a pyramid” comment accompanied by that smug “mmm-hmm” look. 


Please accept this as my response/answer to your comment/question:


What I do:

What I do is share my story with those who choose to listen.  I share struggles in the hopes that someone going through the same will feel like there is a way out or know that things get better.  I share my wins in order to celebrate with others and hopefully inspire others to know that they can do the same.  I share tips and tricks that I have learned in my field because I know I love to learn and hope that others will share tips and tricks from their field of study to help me in other areas of my life.  I share things that I like, and recommend things that work for me to those looking for a solution in whatever that area might me.  I celebrate the wins of others however big or small they may be.  One thing I make sure I do is give support to those who need it.  Making a lifestyle change is hard enough due to our own self-discipline or lack thereof and even more difficult when the people around us are reluctant to accept the change or support us in what we do.  Sometimes people need that extra bit of support, and I am happy to be there. 

This is what I do.

A pyramid business model means that the ultimate goal is to get as many people “signed up” under you, and as many people under them, and so on, and so on in order to get you to the “top” of the pyramid and making the most money.  Doesn’t matter who it is as long as you can get more people “signed up”.

Here’s the thing.  I work my ass off to be able to have my own business.  I work a fulltime job in order to support starting my own business.  I sacrifice sleep, cleaning, television shows, outings, friends, things, music, etc. to be able to do what I do in the hopes that I make it to my dreams.  I don’t do this to work with just anyone.  I want to work with the right people, people like me, people whose company I enjoy, and people who are willing to work as hard as I am for what they want.  I want to choose my co-workers for once in my life.  I want to work with people who want more for themselves and are willing to work for it. 

I have done the interviews and hired staff while working for someone else.  I have reviewed resumes, created questions, completed interviews, said no to people, turned down those I didn’t feel met the qualifications, and pulled strings to get the ones I wanted.  Someone explain to me why I would change all of that and hire someone just because they showed up for the interview when it’s my business on the line? 

There is a perception of “those people just want anyone”.  On the contrary, this girl does not want just anyone, I want someone.  I want somebody who wants to be somebody!  I want people who can be friends, coworkers, leaders, supporters, GOOD HUMANS, all at the same time.


Now let’s get to the actual pyramid. 

YES.  There is a pyramid in what I do.  Let me tell you about it.  The pyramid is upside down or rather you come in at the tip and work your way down.

You come in to this business feeling slightly alone.  You aren’t sure what you know and what you don’t.  You aren’t sure how everything works, but you are excited about it.  You know you are making a decision.  You come in to this business the tip of the pyramid, you don’t yet support anyone, but you have all the support under you.

As you learn and grow within the business you begin to help more people.  You go through trainings that help you understand how to help people, and how to share what you have to offer.  You start to work your way down the pyramid.  You are still very well supported, but now you are supporting others. 

As you thrive in the business, and work hard to better yourself through training, hard work, personal & professional development, and of course experience you eventually work your way to the bottom of the pyramid where you require less and less support, but provide more and more.  You serve as a base and if you were to remove yourself from the equation there would be so many people that lose their support system.  You have become the bottom of the pyramid, the most important part because without you there is a collapse.

So yes, this is a pyramid, only not how you imagined. Base your thoughts, your words, and your actions on knowledge versus ignorance. 


You want to have the money conversation?  Here’s a brief overview.  If I am able to help you, and you choose to use the tools that I have to offer, then yes I make commission.  If you and I decide that we would work well together and you decide to coach with me, I don’t make money, but I gain a partner, my business grows much like if I hired you to work at my fitness facility.  I am expanding my business.  If I am able to create a team and assist that team in being successful with their goals, I receive a bonus because my team is successful.  You see, “signing” people up just to get them in the business gets me no where.  It would be like hiring a wild bear to be a personal trainer at my fitness facility.  I wouldn’t know what he was going to do next and he would likely just scare people away.


The conclusion to the pyramid talk is this; there is a pyramid just not the one you thought of.  There are many different businesses out there and I cannot speak for any but the one I am in.  The business I am in makes me happy and has given me a massive support system and so many new friends.  Each of these friends with similar integrity in that they don’t want to work with just anyone.  They all want to work with the right people, people of a similar mindset, people who get more joy out of helping others in some form or another than just getting a paycheck.  These are my people!  I am lucky enough that they chose me and I will choose wisely as I invite others to join our party 😊




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