Some of you read the title and said “Yup, not reading this!”, and some of you have NO clue what I am even talking about.  Some people hear the term Multilevel Marketing and they immediately go on the defensive.  Those of you who read my blog know that I tend to write when I am thinking hard about something because it helps me to put my thoughts on paper.  So, I thought I would tell you about this thing that so many people don’t fully understand.


First things first I am in no way an expert on the topic.  To be honest the first time I heard the term “MLM” I was like I wonder what they are talking about.  Is that some other type of martial arts workout that I haven’t heard of yet?  Finally, someone said Multilevel Marketing & I was like Ohh! Duh!!! . . .What’s that?


So, for anyone like me who is/was confused, this is what some folks call a Pyramid.  They call it this because the way the structure looks on paper mimics the shape of a pyramid.  Simple, right?  Not simple.  Apparently, there was some crook back in the day who set up something like this and scammed people’s money.  That’s so sad.  Essentially because of this crook, this type of business strategy is now associated with crooks.  In reality, this is not how I see things.  These are my opinions.

Had you explained this to me a few years ago I would have uneducatedly said I would never do that, and I would never buy from those people, not really knowing why.  Now I guess I don’t quite know why I wouldn’t.  When you look at the full concept, it takes people who generally use a product and like it so much that they want to somehow get more involved with that product for a variety of reasons.  They may have had some type of breakthrough and want to share it with others.  They may really want a discount on the product because they use it all the time.  They may want to work toward getting a job revolving around this product because they are passionate about what it is and what it can do, and they don’t have that passion for their current job.  And honestly there will always be those few who get involved because someone they know made money doing it and they think they can too.  With regards to that person, the beauty of this type of advertising, marketing, selling, whatever you want to call it, is that it’s very easy to tell who is using and who is “selling”, who is passionate and who is clueless, and that right there makes it easier to know when to walk away.

Here’s the thing.  These people are not actors.  They are not famous, and they are not celebrities.  They are not dolled up and fed lines, and most have little to no experience with being in the public’s eye.  For this reason these people have no idea how to sell you something.  They only know how to tell you about it, so they do that in as many ways as they can think of.  Sometimes this comes off as overly obnoxious, other times it comes of as amateur, and then sometimes it gets you thinking. 

Multi-Level Marketing – this is genius.  How many people have wanted to start their own business?  A ton.  So why not let them, but give them a foundation for it.  I love it!  I love anything that gives people a chance to do what they love to do. 


Basically what I am telling you is that these people who are selling you things like Thirty One Bags, LulaRoe Leggings, Arbonne, Roden and Fields, and my favorite, Beachbody products (Full disclosure I am a coach with Beachbody), are not selling you these things because they think they are awful cheap products with no value, they would not do that because 1. Part of the reason they are selling these products is because they love them and want to buy more themselves and want a discount, and 2. They would know that they would be out of job very quickly if they were selling cheap crap and they are in it to make it a long-term gig because they love it.  ­­­­

All in all, an actor can tell you to buy anything and look good doing it because they have a glam team, lines, and someone else’s words coming out of their mouths . . . we know this, but they just look so pretty when they say it so I must buy a Lincoln and face off with a bull before falling backwards into a pool, I MUST!  Nah, take a look into reality for a change.  Realize that you are looking at real people with lives like you.  Do you see yourself in their shoes?  Can you relate to any part of their life?  If yes, then see if what they have is something you might want, need, try.  It’s ok.  People don’t jump on board because something sucks . . .they just don’t.

Lincoln Launches MKC Campaign Featuring Matthew McConaughey

 My views.  First and foremost, I am a Beachbody coach.  I also have a degree in Health and Wellness and spent a good chunk of my life as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, club manager, and program director.  I love fitness.  I found Beachbody and realized that I was being handed everything I could ever ask for on a silver platter.  People want fitness that’s doable, enjoyable, affordable, engaging, etc.  I have found all those things in the tools I have from Beachbody.  Now thanks to this company, I no longer have to get someone to a gym to train them, or make them find childcare to attend a group fitness class, or own an actual building to have my own studio.  I wanted to go through nutrition training or schooling so I could help people with that aspect of things and Beachbody saved me thousands of dollars in schooling by providing everything I might need from a nutritional aspect.  So I won’t rant forever about that because you can obviously tell I wouldn’t shut up if you gave me the chance.    

Lularoe is a clothing line.  The people that sell this stuff own shit loads and wear them constantly.  What do I think?  I think if they are wearing this stuff 24/7 it must be good because they are obviously comfortable!  I own several because they are super comfy!

Thirty One, I own LOTS of these bags.  The people that sell these organize their entire house with these products.  They use them for their children who literally do everything imaginable to ruin them and can’t.  Why do the people that sell these own a million bags that help them organize their lives?  Because they love them and they feel better with that element of organization in their lives.

Roden and Fields is the big one these days.  It’s freaking everywhere and it’s expensive!  So let’s look at this one for a minute.  If I just said this stuff is expensive and you have seen this stuff a couple times and thought the same thing, but there are tons of people out there selling this stuff and tons of people out there buying it, people who likely said the same thing you and I were thinking a minute ago, there must be something damn good about it.  Personally, I think it’s great.  I have used one product and I like it.  I also know many people who sell it and these are good people who have gotten great results from this product personally, therefore they got involved to share the love, better themselves, and get their product cheaper.  It’s a win win.


Bottom line, I think we look at this all wrong.  What a great way to get a realistic look and as many reviews as you can ask for on a product.  We should not be shying away from something that provides other real people with passion, motivation, results, confidence, and joy.  We should be saying where do I sign up for that!



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